Interactive Learning Resource

Please see the link (below) to access the interactive learning resource about “Demystifying Computer Science”.

In this course you’ll gain an overview of some of the fundamental ideas about what Computer Science is in the context of the history of computation, and some of the tools of the trade.

The course assumes that you’re an adult professional with no background in the computer science field. If you have a degree in this field, you might find the material a bit elementary.

I welcome any feedback on the resource including accuracy of information, suggestions, and tips.


Log in instructions

Please note that the account provided is a test account, so it is subject to use by many of your peers. The natural flow of the course would be such that each section and quiz must be completed before the remaining ones are unlocked. However, for testing purposes, all of the sections and quizzes are unlocked at the outset.

Use the following credentials…

Username: testuser03
Password: 12345

…to log in at

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